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Seated in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains, Mena is a great place for antiques, a  historic downtown, locally owned shops, unique eats, & great hiking trails.

25.7 miles

Hot Springs

Hot Springs is a dream city for history buffs and those who want to be pampered. Visit any number of museums, golf, or take your pick of spas within Hot Springs National Park. Enjoy a stroll along the park's promenade that offers stunning downtown views.

72.1 miles


Waldron is a small town located within the Ouachita Mountains that offers locally owned shops, antiques, a historic downtown, & a museum of regional history.

9.7 miles

Ft. Smith

Once used as a trade route and US military fort, Ft. Smith sits along the Arkansas River and borders Oklahoma. Ft. Smith offers your bigger city comforts while also offering native and military history.

56.5 miles